Know the warning signs: General Parkinson’s Civilian Survival Guide

To the untrained eye the early signs of infection can be easy to miss, but by familiarising yourself with the following information, you will save lives…. Smell¬†¬† – The infected have a very distinctive smell, which makes them easily identifiable in confined spaces such as the home. As infection spreads, the undead’s organs begin to […]

Survival Training

Survive the zombie apocalypse with these key training courses.

Sarah Allen talks to Alexander Mcintosh in the aftermath of the Brighton attack

S: Alex, what is the atmosphere like down at the Royal Pavillion right now? A: It’s that of sadness right now Sarah. Sadness and also huge feelings of anger. Locals have begun to gather here in mourning after the bodies have finally been removed by local services and members of the JFL – they’ve been […]

Alexander Mcintosh reports on the Brighton Outbreak

“Tourists have today become victims as hoards of Zombies made their way through the city centre towards the mass amount of civilians which congregated within the grounds of Brighton’s Royal Pavillion. As of yet, nobody has come out of the historic building alive, which has led many to believe that the hundreds of civilians inside […]

ZNN’s Sara Allen reports from Southampton

Sara Allen reporting from a Southampton ‘safe zone’ “The risk of infection remains critical in Southampton amid what is surely one of the worst undead outbreaks ever seen. Early estimates suggest that the city has been flooded by in excess of 20,000 infected , with a tenth of the city’s population now suffering with the […]