26th October 2016

ZNN Exclusive: Zoe Reed talks about the Graveyard attack.

“It has taken years of fighting zombies to get to this moment, but today I finally fought the undead scum on a graveyard. All the zombie movies I used to watch as a kid always had the heroes facing off against their enemies near churches, so I’ve been waiting for ages for it to finally happen. Well, today my dream came true, the chance to finally live out my movie fantasies- and as you may have read in the news, it quickly turned into a nightmare.”

“I don’t like talking about my feelings here. I’ve always believed feelings make you weaker and you need all the strength you can when you’re in my position. But as I charged up the steps in the churchyard, leading my troops to battle, I heard the most blood curdling scream imaginable- I had misjudged the battlefield and didn’t notice the zombie attackers creeping up behind us. Mike Brown, the most talented warrior I have ever seen, was the first victim. I had never heard him scream before, but it was the most disturbing thing I’d ever heard, like a hawk being violently shaken. Here was a fierce, unbeatable soldier wiped out in seconds because of a tiny tactical mistake I made. I saw the look in his eyes as he went, he definitely blamed me.”

“In just seconds, he was wiped away- we killed him before he transitioned, making sure he never became one. This was far more important than killing the others. But I couldn’t show my feelings. The future of mankind is more important than my dumb feelings. Nothing really felt the same afterwards; my fellow soldiers dropped like flies and the rest of the zombies the remaining warriors killed that evening turned into a blur. We were victorious on the battlefield, but it will never start feeling like a victory, no matter what the history books may say”.

“You may have beat us on this battle, but the war is still ours to be won. The zombie war continues…”

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