13th October 2016

ZNN Exclusive: Zoe Reed, JFL comments on the Norfolk Attack

ZNN’s Sara Allen speaks to Zoe Reed exclusively.

Resdients of Thetford are still recovering from the recent zombie attack in the sleepy Norfolk town. Villages across the region are becoming increasingly flooded with the undead attackers, who experts believe are making their way from the city to the villages in order to feast on the more mature brains of the older residents.

Different vigilante groups are using this as yet another wake up call for people in the local area to sign up to their cause. Zoe Reed, leader of the rebel organisation, Justice for the Living, said ‘its about time the residents of Thetford, like the rest of the UK, woke up to a reality that we are in the middle of an invasion’

‘After the last horrific attack in the County, we must unite and  protect ourselves at all costs. The undead scum are trying to take our lives on a near deadly basis, but we aren’t going to let them take us without a fight’

Mrs Reed was visibly shaken from the recent battle at a Norfolk church but she declined to comment in detail when asked about the affect this has had. Many of her fellow group members were casualties of this attack, including her second-in-command, disgraced former Army sergeant “mad” Mike Brown.

‘The graveyard attack was a minor victory for our team, but we need more recruits if we are going to stop them from further infecting the city. I’ve lost  a lot of people  close to me and I sure as hell aren’t going  to let them take anymore. We urgently need people more people to sign up and join our fight’

There have been no more sightings of the undead in the area in recent weeks, although the militant group are remaining in the town until they find enough new recruits to join their mission against the undead.

Coming up – Zoe Reed , the full story of the graveyard attack


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