4th November 2016

Lastest in Birmingham and Newcastle

Thousands of Birmingham residents were left to transition into the undead after General Parkinson’s army failed to stop zombies swarming into the town.

In a chilling repeat of the events in Heywood earlier this week, members of the local police force were the first victims of the attack, before the community at large were hounded down.

Reports claim there could now be up to 25,000 zombies in the West Midlands city, with many of the evacuated residents urging for JFL to return, after the group were told to leave following the murder of members of the police force in Manchester a couple of days prior.

Reports from the town are unconfirmed, as it has been evacuated and cordoned off under the orders of Prime Minister Davies. ZNN have been refused permission to cross the border.

Nearby, in Newcastle, many pleaded for senior members of JFL to return, as many new recruits fled to the outskirts of the city to protect from oncoming attacks.

“We can’t let what happened in Birmingham and Manchester happen again” local anti-zombie activist Ruth Stephenson, 19, told ZNN. “We need to get more new recruits on the front lines to make sure the disease doesn’t spread into major towns and cities.

“Every time we stop asking JFL for help, or blame them for the attacks, we are left with only a police force who are hesitant to kill zombies as the armed forces always go AWOL. It is commendable that the police want to protect the public without using lethal force, but in the current climate, that is impossible”.

Meanwhile, after condemning them as a “terrorist organisation” in a speech yesterday, chief of police for Greater Manchester James Burkenshaw told reporters he would not forgive JFL until he received test results proving his officers were killed due to an imminent zombie transition. “I usually believe in innocent until proven guilty, but in this case, we have to be cautious. My trust is entirely with General Parkinson on all zombie issues”.

He refused to comment on the Birmingham case and its parallels with the Manchester attack.

Alexander Mcintosh for ZNN

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