12th January 2017

Indentify the virus – a guide to the NMV strains

 Released by Zombie Research Facilitiy (ZRF)  12/01/17

The Neurosal Mortis Virus (NMV), that has led to the wave of zombie attacks over recent years, has different strains – with the different strains showing different characteristics. Knowing the key characteristics to each NMV will allow you to know their strengths and weaknesses in which case you can make a proper evaluation on how to deal with the Zombie when confronted.

The different strains of the NMV can be broken up into 3 sub-categories;

  • NMV-018

  • NMV-029

  • NMV-049



The 018’s are the strain of Zombie with the least brain capacity. This brain deficiency issue stops them from moving as quickly and in some cases the Zombie can only crawl.


They look like your stereotypical Zombie as they’re the most simple form of the virus. A way to notice an 018 is distinct leg dragging as their limbs aren’t fully functional. They have a pale complexion. They also have a distinct groan, meaning they’re unable to sneak up on their targets.


Shooting a limb renders them almost useless. Traps, due to their unintelligent nature, work great.



The 029 is the most advanced stage of the virus to our knowledge. The 029’s high brain capacity means they’re able to attack at speed. They can not form lactic acid, which ultimately means they have a significant amount of endurance meaning they’ll never stop the chase.


029’s have fully functional limbs so have a complete running style, just like a human, meaning they’re easily differentiated from an 018. The 029’s due to their ability to feed possess a red/orange complexion (this can differ upon how long the Zombie has been dead). 029’s do let out a loud screech, but this is to just inform other Zombies that there is a human nearby. 029’s do not let out a loud screech if they’re perform a sneak attack on their victim.


Guns are needed against the 029’s. If you shoot their legs off, they are more or less useless as their main advantage is their speed.

NMV 049


The 049’s are suspect to day light due to a brain deficiency. Despite this, once they find themselves outside of contact from the sunlight they’re extremely mobile, just like an 029.


The 049’s have fully functional limbs, just like the 029’s, but instead possess a blue complexion. This pale blue complexion is due to lack of sunlight. A feature that makes the 049 so deadly is it’s ability to see in the dark, like a nocturnal animal, and it possesses immense hearing. 049’s, like the 029’s, can make no noise if needed but let out a loud screech if they wish to alert other Zombies to their location.


A strong bright light attached to the end of the weapon is enough to make the Zombie useless. Beware though a light-bulb, for example, won’t be powerful enough to work.

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