23rd January 2017

Norwich Outbreak – The Chedgrave invasion update

The city of Norwich and its surrounding villages have been placed on a ‘high-alert’ as General Parkinson updates the area to a Category 3, meaning there is a substantial risk of further attacks. This occurs after 6 Local residents in the small village of Chedgrave became the latest victims of the Neurosal Mortis Virus that continues to sweep across the United Kingdom.

The incident occurred at approximately 18:35 GMT at the Beauchamp House residential care home on Proctor Road. Colleagues, who wish not to be named, had been notified about the sighting of Zombies ‘a couple of hours earlier’ by residents, but dismissed them on the basis of some of the residents ‘mental-health’ issues. Colleagues were quick, but not quick enough, to realise that in fact residents had been telling the truth.

The attack occurs just under an hours drive away from the devastation that occurred in the town of Thetford, which claimed the life of many – including Zoe Reed’s, leader of the JFL, close personal friend Mike Brown.

Emergency services and a small army team were sent immediately to the location by General Parkinson and they were quick to neutralise the problem.

Speaking to ZNN, General Parkinson said;

The unfortunate events of residents at the residential home in Chedgrave should act as a warning to everyone throughout the UK. If someone reports a Zombie sighting it should be taken with full seriousness as a precaution.”

The Zombies, that attacked Chedgrave, are being directly linked to the same hoard that attacked Thetford. Since there was only a dozen Zombies, General Parkinson has put the city of Norwich and it’s surrounding villages on ‘high-alert’ with the remaining hoard still on the loose.

We believe that a hoard of Zombies is still on the loose but have been separated due to different movement speeds. These Zombies were NMV-018’s and slow moving, meaning that they weren’t able to do much damage to the whole of Chedgrave and were easily exterminated by our armed forces. Norwich and its surrounding areas will be monitored by armed forces for the coming days and in-turn we are updating the country of Norfolk to Category 3 with there being a substantial risk of attack.”

With swift action being taken by General Parkinson, Zoe Reed had this to say:

General Parkinson does have to be commended for his swift action in this circumstance. What is more evident though is the fact that Zombies are obviously on the move to Norwich and other surrounding areas. There is a war coming and I urge the General to provide more support to the area in coming days.”

Asked if JFL members would be relocated to the area, a firm “Yes” was the answer from the Leader.

If anyone has seen or been informed of the location of any Zombies they must act immediately and call the Police on 999.

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