20th February 2017

ZNN’s Sara Allen reports from Southampton

Sara Allen reporting from a Southampton ‘safe zone’

“The risk of infection remains critical in Southampton amid what is surely one of the worst undead outbreaks ever seen.

Early estimates suggest that the city has been flooded by in excess of 20,000 infected , with a tenth of the city’s population now suffering with the deadly Neural Mortus Virus.

The city centre remains the worst affected area with crowds of people still struggling to escape the outbreak, and armed officers from Hampshire Constabulary being overrun by the undead.

Military reinforcements have now arrived in the city, and despite being hugely outnumbered, General Parkinson and his men are making good progress.

The situation remains serious though and to prevent further infection those free of NMV-18 are being evacuated to to the safety of nearby towns and cities.

Troops have urged members of the media to relocate to uninfected areas, but you can expect further updates from myself and ZNN news throughout the coming days ”  20.02.2017


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