17th March 2017

Alexander Mcintosh reports on the Brighton Outbreak

“Tourists have today become victims as hoards of Zombies made their way through the city centre towards the mass amount of civilians which congregated within the grounds of Brighton’s Royal Pavillion. As of yet, nobody has come out of the historic building alive, which has led many to believe that the hundreds of civilians inside have been brutally murdered by the Zombies.

The exact number of casualties as of now remains unknown, with JFL members, who appear to be the first on sight, still struggling to obtain any control of the palace, presumably due to the high amount of fresh Zombies who have just been infected with the Neurosal Mortis.

The Zombies are thought to have come in from the west prior to attacks on Southampton in recent weeks. As of now, the question being asked by many locals is; Have we learned our lesson throughout any of these outbreaks? How do these disasters continuously keep happening? And, most importantly, what is General Parkinson and his troops going to do to keep our country safe? Because at the moment, there’s not a clear answer in sight and the future of England continues to look bleak.”

Alexander Mcintosh reporting live from Brighton

More updates to follow.

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