25th April 2017

Sarah Allen talks to Alexander Mcintosh in the aftermath of the Brighton attack

S: Alex, what is the atmosphere like down at the Royal Pavillion right now?

A: It’s that of sadness right now Sarah. Sadness and also huge feelings of anger. Locals have begun to gather here in mourning after the bodies have finally been removed by local services and members of the JFL – they’ve been moving them to the nearby graveyards where they will be cremated to eradicate any Neurosal Mortis virus that may exist inside.

S: Is their anger solely directed towards the Zombies that caused this?

A: It’s actually not. In fact, I’d say most of the anger is being fully placed at the feet of General Parkinson. Locals and even the Mayor of Brighton, Pete West, have criticized not only the lack of involvement of the army resulting in higher casualties – but it’s the fact that the General continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. Nobody feels safe any more.

S: Do you believe it would be right for General Parkinson to step down after the horrific events that occurred at the Royal Pavillion?

A: Brighton’s people and the mayor certainly think that, and I believe that many other members of the public in the infected towns and cities of Southampton, Manchester, Norwich and Newcastle would think the same.

S: What is he doing wrong?

A: It’s as I stated earlier Sarah, he continues to make the same tactically naive decisions over and over again. It’s like in Norfolk when Zombies attacked the market town of Thetford – the smart thing to do would have been to neutralise the Zombies and stop the infection leaking out. Place the town on lock down. But he sent a lack of army personnel that were unable to fully control the hoard and Zombies got out of the town, and that ultimately resulted in the attack on Chedgrave. The same has happened here. The attack on Southampton has leaked out to Brighton and, worst of all, he fails to act – despite him being solely responsible for the attack. To me it’s stunningly stupid.

S: You seem personally upset by the incident…

A: I am Sarah. The scenes that I’ve seen here have been eye opening, to say the least. To see the Royal Pavillion, once a great national historic icon of England, blood-stained, covered in corpses of both the young and old has been heart-breaking. I’ve seen families torn apart and left in tears as they see their loved ones dragged out in rags. It’s been devastating and emotional to see what people have gone through.

S: What action should be taken to stop this happening again?

A: General Parkinson, first of all, needs to admit his mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again. The aim then should be to make sure that the surrounding areas of Brighton are safe – it’s quite possible that Zombies could have made their way out of the building and out of the city during the chaos.

S: Lets hope General Parkinson listens, Alexander…

A: For the nations sake, I hope so.

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