7th February 2017

Know the warning signs: General Parkinson’s Civilian Survival Guide

To the untrained eye the early signs of infection can be easy to miss, but by familiarising yourself with the following information, you will save lives….

  1. Smell   – The infected have a very distinctive smell, which makes them easily identifiable in confined spaces such as the home. As infection spreads, the undead’s organs begin to decay and their flesh starts to rot, creating a distinctive smell thats impossible to ignore. There may be no visible signs of infection or decay, but by using your nose you can avoid potentially lethal contact with the undead.
  2. Responsiveness – The brain is one of the first organs affected by the infection, and the early warning signs range from short term memory loss, to complere unresponsiveness. If a loved one fails to recognise their fellow family members, or struggles to remember basic personal details such as their name you should contact the authorities immediately.   At this stage very little may have changed in terms of appearance, but that doesn’t make the infected any less dangerous to your personal safety.
  3. Eyes – The eyes of the infected appear hazy, glazed over and unresponsive. Even low levels of infection in the bloodstream can lead to blurred vision, temporary loss of sight or complete blindness.     Such symptoms are almost impossible to identify though, and you shoud instead look for signs of PPS (Padlock Palpbra Syndrome). This as yet unexplained phenomenon render the undead incapable of blinking or closing their eyes – a surefire what to spot infection.
  4. Skin Colour – Even at the earliest signs of infection the undead’s skin appears pale in colour. In severe cases it may even appear to be grey or blue, which is particularly evident in natural light. A change in skin colour is the most obvious signs of infection, and should be acted upon immediately.
  5. High Aggression, Low Intelligence – The infected are highly aggressive and incredibly unintelligent, which makes them dangerously unpredictable. Studies have shown that the undead display the above visual characteristics before any notable changes in behaviour. However, in my experience the infected behaviour can change almost instantly, which means any change in a persons ‘normal’ behaviour may be an early sign of infection. Further analysis of undead behavioural traits is expected to confirm this theory

Please remember a prompt diagnosis will not save the life of the infected, but it may save your own.

General Richard Parkinson

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