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With 6 daunting Escape Game rooms to choose from, our training camp in Liverpool is the perfect place for those civilians that wish to improve their problem-solving skills. Alongside honing your shooting abilities, enhancing your mental skills should be high up on your survival list. Since the Neurosal Mortis Virus struck our nation, many people have died through the sheer lack of experience in dealing with intense and pressurised situations – our Escape Game Rooms will train you to control your emotions as you logically think of the best way to survive.

When you arrive at our Escape Games training camp, you’ll be tested for signs of the Neurosal Mortis Virus. After that, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

We have toilets on site and car parking is available at the end of Sir Thomas Street. If you're thirsty then we have a drinks vending machine, but for further options we're in the city centre so there's plenty of places to eat and drink close by.

The Course

Striving to provide civilians with a chance to hone their problem-solving skills, our Escape Game training camp provides you with 6 challenging training drills that aim to replicate an intense and exceptionally nerve-wracking situation that you could potentially find yourself in during the Zombie apocalypse.

The training game modes include; ‘Secret Agent Training’, ‘Treasure Hunters’ and ‘Missile Strike’. ‘Missile Strike’, for example, is a training scenario which gives you 60-minutes to stop a deadly missile launch. It’s down to you and your team to go deep behind enemy lines and stop the destruction if you don’t, the missile will be launched and the consequences could be disastrous.

  • Escape Games Liverpool
  • Escape Games Liverpool
  • Escape Games Liverpool
  • Escape Games Liverpool
  • Escape Games Liverpool

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One of the main causes of casualties is civilian's mental health and their inability to react to certain situations. Being able to clear your mind, stay relaxed and assess the situation that you find yourselves is something that a vast amount of the British public will have to do during this Zombie apocalypse. This specific Escape Game has been tailor-made by our experts to provide you with a heart-racing and challenging race against time as you try to escape the room that you're trapped in.

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      • 7-11 Sir Thomas Street
      • Liverpool
      • L1 6BW

      Submerged in the heart of Liverpool, our training camp has been specifically designed to provide civilians across the United Kingdom with an immensely challenging escape game puzzle. This escape game will aim to improve your thinking under pressure, something you’ll be under during the Zombie apocalypse. We’re easily accessible via the A59. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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