Why do I need to train?
The Neurosal Mortis Virus continues to spread across the United Kingdom at a rapid rate and, with Scientists still struggling to find a cure, the Government has ordered the opening of training camps which aim to provide civilians with a chance to train their shooting, archery, survival skills and many more essential skills that'll be needed to survive the Zombie apocalypse.
How do I organise a group training session?
Our quotes are interactive, so you can invite your group members through the quote and they can book their place at our training camp separately. Being able to see all the details of the quote will save you the trouble of organising the training session. You can add more members to the training session at any time up to 14 days before the event date.
Are they any restrictions in place at your training camps?
Yes, some of our training camps have certain requirements which need to be met in order to participate. This is most typically height, age and weight. If any such restriction is in place, it will be clearly stipulated in the package description.
How many training camps do you have?
As of now, Corpze has 111 Zombie Survival training camps in the UK and Ireland. Therefore, wherever you live in the UK and Ireland, our training camps can provide you with the tuition that you need to survive the Zombie apocalypse.
Will I come into contact with a real Zombie?
No, the Zombies are far too dangerous to be exposed to the public and, with the Neurosal Mortis Virus not yet fully understood, any captured Zombie is to be used by the Government for scientific testing to prevent further spreading of the disease. At our training camps, we simply train you on how to deal with the Zombies by teaching you essential skills needed to survive the Zombie apocalypse.


How do I book in my training session?
If you're worried about your safety during the Zombie apocalypse, there's a number of different ways that you can book into one of our training camps. You can browse through the website and choose the skill you want to improve on. After that simply click the training camp you think best suits you. After that, you can can book your place in via the Online Booking System. Alternatively, you can give one of our training advisors a call on the number provided.
How can I provide someone else with the chance to train?
If you're concerned about a friend or loved one's safety during the Zombie apocalypse, you can provide them with one of our training tickets. These training tickets allow the person to learn a certain ability at any one of our training camps situated across the United Kingdom and Ireland. We offer training tickets in GBP25, GBP50, GBP100 denominations which are redeemable for up to 12 months.
How do I pay?
Corpze accepts all major credit and debit cards with the exception of American Express. We also accept payments by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Corpze and post to Corpze, 15th Floor (North), Arena Point, Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8PA. Please stipulate which activity and training camp you wish to attend and also include your Name, Full Address, a Daytime Telephone Number and your E-Mail address. All proceeds will go towards finding a cure to the Neurosal Mortis Virus and supporting the British Government in its fight against the Zombies.
How do I contact Corpze?
To contact one of our training advisors you can simply click here to go to our contact page. Here you'll have the option to email us directly or a request a call back. Alternatively, you can contact us by ringing the number provided at the top of the page - for free, of course.
What are your Terms and Conditions?
To read through our Terms and Conditions, click here.