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Learn a whole host of survival techniques as you aim to outlast the Zombie apocalypse. Seeking safety in the woodlands is a good idea, but only if you possess the knowledge needed to survive the bitter winter nights that are on the horizon. At our survival skills training camp in Wirral, you’ll be provided with expert tuition from our qualified instructors, learning a whole host of survival techniques including how to light fires without matches and how to build a basic shelter building that’ll allow you to escape from the dangers that lurk within the woodlands.

When you arrive at our training camp in Wirral, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the tools needed to participate.

Our experiences are perfect for a whole range of customers including kids, families and corporate bookings. We have a truly passionate team who will ensure you have the most enjoyable and rewarding day possible, so what are you waiting for? Book today!

The Course

Submerged in the picturesque countryside, our survival skills training camp in Wirral is perfectly placed away from crowded places – lowering the chance of a Zombie outbreak occurring during your training. Situated in the woodlands, we provide you with a first-hand experience of surviving in the wild.

When a Zombie outbreak hits your home town or city, it’s important that you have a survival plan and it’s essential that you at least have the basic survival talents. At our training camp, we provide you with expert tuition - so you’ll be able to master the art of fire starting and shelter building with ease, providing safety for you and your family as you hide away from the dangers that exist within the confines of the woodlands.

  • Survival Skills Wirral
  • Survival Skills Wirral
  • Survival Skills Wirral
  • Survival Skills Wirral
  • Survival Skills Wirral
  • Survival Skills Wirral


Family Survival Skills


This bushcraft experience is a superb day out for all the family and is truly what childhood memories are made of! You'll take part in a range of exciting activities that will really take you back to nature starting with fire lighting without using any matches. Once shown the different techniques you'll have a chance to try yourself and get a roaring fire going! As well as this you'll learn how to build a shelter using natural materials, go on a nature hunt and even test your courage with a bush tucker trial.

Courses run from 10am - 1pm on selected dates throughout the year.

N.B. : Price given is for adults. Price for children is £22.99 per person.

Restrictions: MinAge: 6,  MinGroup: 1, 

Kids Bushcraft Camp


If your children are budding explorers, or just love everything outdoors, they're guaranteed to love this exhilarating bushcraft camp set in the woodland of the Wirral! The fun filled bushcraft masterclass gets under way with a look at all the essentials including making fire without using matches followed by shelter building, cooking, wild foraging and pioneering skills. There's even tracking and search and rescue games that kids will love. So if you've got a budding Bear Grylls on your hands this is the perfect experience!

Restrictions: MinAge: 7,  MinGroup: 1, 

Overnight Bushcraft Experience


For a truly authentic bushcraft experience not much comes close to beating this overnight package in the beautiful Wirral woodland. Beginning mid to late afternoon, you'll quickly be able to get off the beaten track and learn the arts of wild foraging and trapping, as well playing nature games and taking part in a night time adventure. Set up your camp for the night by creating a fire and preparing yourself for some camp fire stories. Settle in with a hot chocolate in hand for a night under the stars and choose from a range of sleeping options including a teepee, hammock and natural shelters. This package includes an evening meal and breakfast, so all you need to bring is a sleeping bag and a sense of adventure.

N.B. : Price given is per person, based on an adult and child booking. Price for each additional person is £51.99 pp.

Restrictions: MinAge: 7,  MinGroup: 2, 

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Homeless, without food, relying on nature. These are the circumstances that many of the nation will find themselves under throughout these treacherous times. Under guidance from our qualified and experienced instructors, you'll receive all the knowledge needed to be able to survive in the wild - learning how to construct shelters, find food and make fires. Arguably the most crucial skill to have of all, those who don't possess this knowledge will certainly struggle to survive.

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      • Claremont Farm
      • Old Clatterbridge Road
      • Bebington
      • Wirral
      • CH63 4JB

      Excellently placed within close proximity to the vibrant city centre of Liverpool, our military-themed training camp is perfectly positioned to provide instant military support in the wake of a Neurosal Mortis Virus outbreak. We're easily accessible via the M53. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.