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Civilians continue to find themselves in challenging situations throughout the Zombie apocalypse and, as instinct kicks in, they begin to panic – alerting the Zombies of their location and ultimately falling to this vile disease. Our Escape Game rooms in Bristol are custom-built by the Government to provide civilians with a place to train their problem-solving skills, so when they’re in a daunting situation they’ll be able to stay calm and think about what they need to do to survive.

Upon arrival at our Escape Game training camp in Bristol, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the latest safety gear.

Located in Bristol near The Ibis Hotel and Bristol Harbourside. Located seconds away from 2 multi storey car parks

The Course

Improve your Zombie survival capabilities as you learn how to properly assess certain situations that you’re sure to encounter during the Zombie apocalypse. At our Escape Games training camp in Bristol, we have 2 Escape Rooms that have been custom-built by the Government to put you under intense pressure as you try and make your way out of a trapped room.

Working together with other civilians, you’ll take part in a range of Escape Games, including taken the role as a respected scientist as you work on secret government-funded projects in a laboratory located in an abandoned warehouse. One of the scientists gets dragged out kicking and screaming – you must discover his secret that he’s hidden in the room.

  • Escape Games Bristol
  • Escape Games Bristol
  • Escape Games Bristol
  • Escape Games Bristol




Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped by unknown assailants - disappearing without a trace. He's a time-travelling super genius, but his captors proved to be all too much for him. The hideout of the assailants has been located, but Professor Pottenger is nowhere to be found. Entering the hideout and setting your sights on obtaining vital intelligence, you'll need to do all that you can to unearth this peculiar mystery - discovering the whereabouts of Pottenger, finding out who kidnapped him, and who they work for. You only have a limited amount of time to reach your goal, so you better work fast!
Parallax is our fully accessible game. Upon booking, please request Room 1. We have a disabled friendly lift in reception leading up to our rooms, disabled friendly toilets and all rooms have ample seating to take a moment to relax.

N.B. : If accompanied by an adult then there is no minimum age. Without an adult the minimum age is 14 years.

Restrictions: MinAge: 14,  MinGroup: 2,  MaxGroup: 20, 



Samuel Pottenger and Albert Scabworthy are two of the greatest scientists of their generation, but they have been bitter rivals for many years. However, the kidnapping of Professor Pottenger has meant his fabled Infinity Device has begun to melt down. This presents grave danger to the entire population of earth, with only one person qualified to prevent such a disaster - his oldest enemy Dr Scabworthy. Tasked with finding his infinity lab and averting a global catastrophe, you'll need to work against the clock to solve the mysteries contained within Pottenger's house and ultimately - save the universe from complete destruction.

N.B. : If accompanied by an adult then there is no minimum age. Without an adult the minimum age is 14 years.

Restrictions: MinAge: 14,  MinGroup: 2,  MaxGroup: 20, 

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      • Building 11
      • Explore Lane
      • Harbourside
      • Bristol
      • BS1 5TY

      Tactically placed in the heart of Bristol’s historic city, our training camp provides civilians across the South West with an opportunity to sharpen their mental toughness ahead of a potentially challenging Zombie situation that they may find themselves in. We’re easily accessible via the M32. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.