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With 2 challenging escape rooms to master, our Escape Game training camp in Bournemouth is perfectly devised to provide civilians across the South of England with an exciting challenge that will improve their problem-solving intelligence. Accommodating those of all ages, these distinct Escape Games require you to keep your nerve and think logically – something that you’re going to have to do if you’re to escape your home during the Zombie apocalypse.

Upon reporting for duty at our Escape Games training camp in Bournemouth, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing. Everyone will be checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus before they’re locked inside the Escape Room.

We have a great location in Bournemouth with many restaurants and coffee shops nearby. There is also parking available outside our building on weekdays after 6pm or anytime on a weekend. We're the perfect venue for larger groups up to 18 people as well. With 12 people able to play at the same time and a waiting lounge with extra puzzles for everyone else we can guarantee you won't be bored!

The Course

The most important skill to master during the Zombie apocalypse, a person’s problem-solving capabilities could be the difference between life and death in certain scenarios. To develop your talents, our Escape Games training camp in Bournemouth provides you with 2 challenging game modes, ‘Science Lab’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’.

‘Science Lab’ is a test which sees you and your group have 60-minutes to escape an abandoned laboratory that has a leaking sodium cyanide barrel. ‘Clockwork Orange’ is another challenging Escape Room that sees you try to overcome an array of logical and mechanical puzzles. Both of these challenges aim to provide civilians with a chance to improve their team-building characteristics whilst enhancing their ability to think logically during daunting circumstances.

  • Escape Games Bournemouth
  • Escape Games Bournemouth


The Experiment


With a deadly poison filling the lab you have 60 minutes to find an antidote before it's too late! Finding the clues and solving the puzzles that lead you to the antidote won't be easy though, and with the power out you have no choice but to work by torchlight. But if you can crack the code and work as a team there's more than enough time to seal your safety.

N.B. : Price given is per person for a booking of 2 people. Price per person reduces with more people in the booking as follows:
3-4 ppl - £24.99 pp
5-6 ppl - £22.99 pp

Restrictions: MinAge: 16,  MinGroup: 2,  MaxGroup: 6, 

The Droogs' Den


Inspired by A Clockwork Orange this heart-racing 60 minute game gives you the chance to enter the world of the droogs to execute the ultimate escape. To escape the room you'll have to work as a team to solve a series of logical puzzles, and find clues. But with the clock ticking you'll have to take a hands on approach to the mechanical puzzles, and crack the code as quickly as possible.

N.B. : Price given is per person for a booking of 2 people. Price per person reduces with more people in the booking as follows:
3-4 ppl - £24.99 pp
5-6 ppl - £22.99 pp

Restrictions: MinAge: 16,  MinGroup: 2,  MaxGroup: 6, 

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One of the main causes of casualties is civilian's mental health and their inability to react to certain situations. Being able to clear your mind, stay relaxed and assess the situation that you find yourselves is something that a vast amount of the British public will have to do during this Zombie apocalypse. This specific Escape Game has been tailor-made by our experts to provide you with a heart-racing and challenging race against time as you try to escape the room that you're trapped in.

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      • 9 Upper Norwich Road
      • Bournemouth
      • BH2 5RA

      Excellently placed in the heart of Bournemouth, our training camp provides civilians with the perfect chance to test themselves mentally as they aim to overcome our truly challenging escape games. We’re easily accessible for those across Southern England via the A31, just off the M27. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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