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Learning how to survive in the wild is one of the most important skills to master during these dark times. As ravenous hordes of Zombies continue to appear sporadically across the country, civilians need to be both mentally and physically prepared for the extreme dangers that lurk within the confines of the unforgiving woodlands. Receiving expert tuition from our qualified instructors, you’ll learn a variety of essential survival training skills such as learning how to build a shelter or create a fire.

When you report for duty at our Survival Skills training camp in Dulwich, you’ll be first checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus. After that, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

Please note: bushcraft experiences are available at this venue between Easter and second week of September. We can provide car parking, toilets, showers and conference facilities.

The Course

Custom-built to assist citizens, our survival skill training camp in Dulwich provides you with expert knowledge in order to give you a better chance of surviving the extreme nature of the wilderness.

At our Survival camp, you’ll learn essential tips and tricks including how to construct the ideal fire to both warm you up and cook food. We’ll also provide you with a basic knowledge of building shelters, something that is extremely vital to protect you from the bitter winter nights and the range of dangerous animals that lurk in the wilderness.

Upon arrival, you’ll be checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus. Anyone deemed to possess any symptoms will be immediately taken to the nearest Zombie testing lab.

  • Survival Skills Dulwich, London
  • Survival Skills Dulwich, London
  • Survival Skills Dulwich, London
  • Survival Skills Dulwich, London


Half Day Family Bushcraft


This half day Family Bushcraft session is perfect for those families looking for a taster and an insight into the world of outdoor survival. Starting with some navigation using the natural environment you'll then be guided in the ancient art of fire lighting and be taught to master a variety of different techniques. If you're peckish you can try your hand at bread making over the open fire and even indulge in some delicious smores! To keep the fun going you will also compete to make the most creative hat using only nature in what is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all your family.

N.B. : Price shown is for for over 16s. The price for children under 16 is £50pp.

Restrictions: MinAge: 1,  MinGroup: 8,  MaxGroup: 24, 

Full Day Family Bushcraft


This full day bushcraft experience is a superb day out for all the family and is truly what childhood memories are made of! You'll take part in a range of magical activities that will really take you back to nature starting with fire lighting without using any matches. Once shown the different techniques you'll have a chance to try yourself and get a roaring fire ready to cook a delicious lunch. As well as rustic breads, nettle soup and other foraged foods there's even scrumptious wild pesto and gourmet jams. In the afternoon you'll learn how to build a shelter using natural materials plus using the natural environment to navigate around your surroundings, before rounding the day off with a stealthy hunting game!

N.B. : Price shown is for for over 16s. The price for children under 16 is £60pp.

Restrictions: MinAge: 1,  MinGroup: 8,  MaxGroup: 24, 

Weekend Family Bushcraft


An adventure for the whole family awaits with this sensational bushcraft weekend experience where you will have chance to get to grips with a whole host of exciting survival skills. On the first day you and your family will jump straight into the action as you learn several techniques for fire lighting without matches. Then using the fire you have built, a delicious lunch will be cooked with a great selection of food on offer and could include everything from wood pigeon to nettle soup, and wild pesto and jam. In the afternoon you will take part in a range of activities such as shelter building and a foraging treasure hunt, followed by a cooked dinner around the fire and a night under the stars. The fun keeps going on the second day with activities like making a cardboard box oven to cook in, creating your own natural hat and learning how to filter water. Finishing at 4pm on the second day, this is a truly unique experience for your family and will provide fond memories for years to come.

N.B. : Price shown is for for over 16s. The price for children under 16 is £100pp.

Restrictions: MinAge: 1,  MinGroup: 14, 

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Homeless, without food, relying on nature. These are the circumstances that many of the nation will find themselves under throughout these treacherous times. Under guidance from our qualified and experienced instructors, you'll receive all the knowledge needed to be able to survive in the wild - learning how to construct shelters, find food and make fires. Arguably the most crucial skill to have of all, those who don't possess this knowledge will certainly struggle to survive.

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      • Grange Lane
      • Dulwich
      • London
      • SE21 7LH

      Tactically placed on the outskirts of London's vibrant city centre, our training camp is positioned to provide an instant military response in the wake of any Neurosal Mortis Virus that may have crept into the nation's capital. We're easily accessible via the A23, off the M25, for those looking to improve their survival skills. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.