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With the Zombie outbreak continuing to plague the majority of the United Kingdom, our Survival Skills training camp in Caerphilly is purpose-built by the Government to provide civilians with the experience of camping out in the wild. With expert tuition on hand throughout the session, civilians will be able to learn essential survival skills including how to create a fire and how to build a shelter.

Upon reporting for duty at our survival training camp in Caerphilly, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors. Once you arrive, you'll be checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus.

Our survival skills course is based on a site with toilets and ample parking. Light refreshments are available to purchase.

The Course

Firstly, when you get to our Survival Skills training camp in Caerphilly, you’ll be checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus. Upon being cleared of any virus, you’ll be introduced to our expert instructors who will provide you with full expert tuition on how to properly survive in the wild.

At our training camp, you’ll learn an array of different techniques including how to build advanced shelter’s and create fires – simple things that’ll allow you to survive in the wilderness and hopefully allow you to outlast the Zombie apocalypse. It’s imperative that you visit our training camp before taking it upon yourself to go into the wilderness, as entering the woodlands unprepared can have devastating consequences.

  • Survival Skills Caerphilly, South Wales


Kids Bushcraft Party


If your children are budding explorers, or just love everything outdoors, they're guaranteed to love this exhilarating 4 hour experience set in the woodland of South Wales! The fun filled bushcraft masterclass gets under way with a look at all the essentials including making fire using matches and sparks, using knives and axes to make fire wood as well as cutting hazel branches for bread on stick. We even finish the party with our water slide where everyone gets a good soaking and clean up. So if you've got a budding Bear Grylls on your hands this is the perfect experience!

N.B. : All equipment is suitable for small hands and each is supervised at all times. Please wear suitable old clothing, long trousers and long sleeve tops are essential and you will need a complete change of clothes and towel.

Restrictions: MinAge: 6,  MinGroup: 10, 

Full Day Bushcraft Tools Course


This intensive full day experience gives you the chance to learn about some of the most essential tools in bushcraft. You won't just be learning about them though, you'll be getting your hands on them too! The session starts with a look at how knives, saws and axes can be used to help you survive in the wild, as well as how to use them safely. Once you've mastered using the different cutting tools it's time for the trickiest part of the day, getting a fire started using only a flint and fire sticks. With the help of the instructors the fire will be roaring away in no time, and what better way to celebrate than with some homemade campfire cuisine in the form of DIY bread on a stick!

N.B. : Sessions runs 10am till 4pm.

Restrictions: MinAge: 6,  MinGroup: 8, 

Overnight Woodland Living


If you really want to push your survival skills to the limit this intensive overnight course gives you the chance to master the art of shelter building, and sleep under the stars! Over the course of the day you'll learn how to tie secure knots and lashing, as well as discovering which materials are suitable for covering your natural shelter. To give you a broader understanding of shelter building you'll also work with materials such as army style tarps and parachutes, which means you'll be able to build a make-shift shelter out of pretty much anything! Before you get your head down for the night you'll also learn how to cook and prepare wild food, so if you're looking for an authentic survival experience it doesn't get much more real than this!

N.B. : Sessions runs for 10am till midday the following day.

Restrictions: MinAge: 6,  MinGroup: 8, 

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      • Crynant Farm
      • Rudry Road
      • Rudry
      • CF83 3DD

      Ideally placed on the outskirts of the nation's capital, our training camp in Caerphilly is perfectly positioned to provide a refuge to those fleeing from a Zombie outbreak in Cardiff or to those across Wales who're looking to learn key survival skills. We're easily accessible via the M4. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.