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As Scientists continue to scramble around, desperately searching for a cure to the Neurosal Mortis Virus, citizens need to keep on being prepared for the worse. With attacks now appearing sporadically across the United Kingdom, it’s important that people know what to do in the event that they have to evacuate their house.

At our survival skills training camp in Tadcaster, you’ll acquire all the essential tips and tricks needed to survive in the wild, such as learning how to create a fire to suit any situation – whether you’re hot or if you need food. You’ll also learn how to construct a shelter that’ll keep you well hidden from the dangers that lurk within the woodlands.

When you arrive at our training camp, you’ll be checked for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus before being presented with all the equipment needed to participate.

All our bush craft sessions are delivered by us with our highly experienced instructors. Our kit is also available to use for the full session. This includes natural woodlands, Flint and Steels, Kelly Kettles, Tarps, Paracord and more.

The Course

Our survival skills training camp in Tadcaster has been specifically opened to provide civilians living in Yorkshire with the chance to improve their survival skills. As the Zombie outbreak appears to be making its way to the North of England, it’s imperative that all civilians remain prepared for immediate evacuation from their homes.

In the event of an evacuation, many people will head to the woodlands without any knowledge of how to survive there. At our training camp, you’ll be provided with expert tuition so you’ll learn all the essential tips and tricks needed to keep safe throughout the duration of the Zombie apocalypse. By the end of the session, you’ll know how to light fires with matches and you’ll learn how to construct a shelter that’ll keep you safe from the dangers that live in the wilderness.

  • Survival Skills Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
  • Survival Skills Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
  • Survival Skills Tadcaster, North Yorkshire


Survival Masterclass


This 1 hour survival masterclass covers everything you need to know to survive in the wild, and by the end of your experience you could well be the next Bear Grylls! The session starts with a look at one of the hardest survival skills; fire building, and after learning how different types of fire can be used to provide heat or light it's time to put what you've learnt to the test. After mastering a number of different fire lighting techniques it's on to shelter building, and once you've learnt how to make a safe and comfortable shelter you'll have the task of building one!

Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 2, 

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Homeless, without food, relying on nature. These are the circumstances that many of the nation will find themselves under throughout these treacherous times. Under guidance from our qualified and experienced instructors, you'll receive all the knowledge needed to be able to survive in the wild - learning how to construct shelters, find food and make fires. Arguably the most crucial skill to have of all, those who don't possess this knowledge will certainly struggle to survive.

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      • Hazelwood Castle
      • Paradise Lane
      • Hazlewood
      • LS24 9NJ

      Situated in between both the popular tourist destinations of York and Leeds, our Survival training camp in Tadcaster is perfectly positioned to quickly provide help in the event of a Neurosal Mortis Virus outbreak. We're easily accessible to those across Yorkshire via the A1. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

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