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Learn how to cope with the intense and adrenaline-filled demands of war as you take part in a variety of military-themed challenges at our training camp in Reading.

Created by the Government in the wake of the ongoing Neurosal Mortis Virus attacks, we're custom-built to provide you with all the necessary training needed to have you ready for conscription into the army when called upon.

Situated in the heart of the Woodland's, you and your fellow troops will have to work together as a squad to overcome the range of story led game modes that aim to test you both physically and mentally, like 'D-Day Landing'.

When you report for duty at our training camp in Reading, you'll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the necessary safety gear.

This venue has everything you need for a great day of paintballing action including a safe zone, shop, refreshments, snacks and lunch available to purchase on the day.

Game Zones

Understand the utter significance of teamwork as you and your fellow troops pull together to complete the array of military-themed challenges that await you on our custom-built battlefield in the heart of the woodlands.

Built in response to the furious spread of the Neurosal Mortis Virus, our training camp in Reading is purposely set up to provide civilians with a place to improve their shooting abilities whilst under extreme pressure - replicating what you're sure to encounter when faced by voracious Zombies.

Soldiers who visit our training camp will have to operate together with their fellow comrades, struggling through a mixture of combat areas including 'Forgotten Village' and 'Woodland Fort' whilst taking part in story led game modes like 'D-Day Landing'.

Upon reporting for duty, you'll be equipped with all the necessary safety gear needed to take part in the action whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

  • Paintball Reading, Berkshire
  • Paintball Reading, Berkshire
  • Paintball Reading, Berkshire
  • Paintball Reading, Berkshire


Pay as You Play


Restrictions: MinAge: 12,  MinGroup: 1, 

Low Impact Paintball (8-11 years)


Restrictions: MinAge: 8,  MinGroup: 10, 

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  • Facilities

      • Parking
      • Toilets
      • Safety Zone
      • Gun Hire
      • Hopper Hire
      • Goggle Hire
      • Overalls
      • Free Gas Refills
      • Tea / Coffee
      • Grenades
      • Smoke Bombs



    • Shrub Wood
    • Park Lane
    • Cane End
    • Reading
    • RG4 9HP

    Easily accessible just off the M4, we're perfectly situated for those across the country looking for a place to experience military-action and to improve their shooting skills under intense pressure. Located just a short journey away from London, our training camp is well positioned to defend the nation's capital from any Zombie attack. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

    Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.

    "Had an absolute blast! Friendly staff who were incredibly helpful. Enjoyed shooting people way more than I should have though "

    Thomas Wood, Reading, Berkshire

    RATED 5.00 out of 5

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