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You are locked in a room with a team of your choice and given 60 minutes to escape! With lots of locks, keys, puzzles and riddles it’s all about team work, communication, and mystery. Heaps of fun for your brain cells and excitement for your senses, this awesome experience will guarantee you a daily dose of adrenaline! Apart from being nicely designed with puzzles and mysteries, escape adventures are full immersion stories where every mystery and every assignment is logically embedded into the storyline. When you participate in one of our Escape Games in Rotorua, you’ll have everything you need for an awesome session, and you’ll find it offers nothing less than a truly memorable experience from start to finish!
2 Players
$35 Per Person

$33 Per Person

$30 Per Person

$28 Per Person

$26 Per Person

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From NZ$26.00

Catch Me If You Can

You have a job to do! You’ve been selected because of your unique skills and talent! Rumour has it the wealthy widow living in the mansion on Hinemoa street possesses very unique black pearl diamond necklace worth 5 million dollars! Your job: get inside the mansion, find it and deliver it to us! You have one hour while she’s out having dinner with her young lover! Be quiet, be quick and beware of her traps!


  • people Group Size: From 2

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From NZ$26.00

One Hell Of A Kitchen

Fancy restaurant…kitchen… dinner… great food …what could possibly go wrong?! Oh, you’ve NO IDEA! Our chef has one hell of a hobby… When you regain your consciousness last thing you remember was taking a bite of a sausage from your main course… then all black…you look around and it doesn’t look promising…and it`s freezing…you have 60 minutes to change your fate!


  • people Group Size: From 2

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From NZ$26.00

Strip Club Escape R18

Remember what you did last night? Pretty sure it all started with tequila shots… champagne... some more shots in between... the pole, dancing around the pole… dancers…lots of dancers. All blurry… And now you’re locked up in one of the back rooms of the strip club by angry bouncer telling you’ve trashed the place and spent all your money on booze and strippers… Sounds like a good night out, but it’s time to escape before the bouncer returns with the police!


  • person Age: From 18

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