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A very fast pace, close quarter arena on the top floor of a mill close to the Arcade Club near Bury Town centre. Ideal for speedsofting and or practicing room Clearance. The arena is built up into corridors and rooms surrounded with crawl holes and high points
Shop, tuckshop, toilets, parking, equipment hire
  • Zombie Survival Bury
  • Zombie Survival Bury
  • Zombie Survival Bury


Zombie Survival Experience


Upon arrival you will meet the rest of the survivors and we recommend you get to know them as you will need to work as a team to escape. You will also be equipped with your weapon and tactical clothing, as well being given basic training on how to keep yourself alive. We also take this time beforehand to give you information on the scale of the operation at hand. Now it's time to jump into the arena and take on the undead, but beware this is not just about shooting zombies as ammunition will be severely limited with only a few opportunities to obtain more throughout the game. As a survivor you will need nerves of steel, speed and brain power if you are to fight your way through the zombie horde to safety.

N.B. : Includes teas and coffee. Duration is just over 3 hours from either 10am till 1pm or 2pm till 5pm.

Restrictions: MinAge: 16,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 27, 

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Zombie Blitz


An adrenaline-filled adventure is guaranteed as you immerse yourself in our alternative world. Playing that of a counter-terrorist strike force, you and your group will be tasked with hunting down a terrorist cell who has wreaked havoc by releasing a biological agent which causes normal civilians to turn into flesh-hungry walking corpses who have only one thing on their mind – to kill. Working together as a team, you must overcome an array of traps if you’re to successfully contain the pandemic and restore normality to the world. Full equipment is provided in this package. You’ll be presented with a full safety briefing upon arrival.

Restrictions: MinAge: 16,  MinGroup: 1,  MaxGroup: 27, 

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    • Samuel Street
    • Bury
    • BL9 6AW
    Place near the Arcade club so why not kill 2 birds with one stone, airsoft then go arcade gaming, the carpark is the paid car park 2 block from the venue entrance, it is free to park during the game times. Full maps and direction on your confirmation receipt.

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