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World-renowned as one of the most popular choices of weaponry during a Zombie apocalypse, the Sniper provides you with the advantage of stealth as you tuck yourself away in a secure location and pepper the Zombies below with bullets. As well as allowing you to kill the Zombies from great distances, the Sniper is also an extremely accurate gun when mastered. After receiving expert tuition from our qualified instructors, you’ll learn how to hit your target time after a time – a skill that you’re going to have to master if you aim to shoot headshot after headshot.

When you arrive at our training camp, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

Our qualified staff will make you experience fun, memorable and or cause make sure your safe. Our outdoor shooting activities will certainly bring out your competitive side and kick-start the adrenalin. Our activities can be hired for corporate days, private functions, open days and charity events too.

The Course

Formed during the initial outbreak of the Neurosal Mortis Virus, our training camp provides civilians across the United Kingdom with the perfect opportunity to sharpen their shooting skills as they learn how to use one of the most efficient Zombie killing weapons – the sniper.

Once mastered, the sniper provides you with various advantages that a normal gun can not offer you. The sniper is deadly from long range, allowing the user to stay as far away from these hideous creatures as possible.

Under expert guidance from our qualified instructors, you’ll learn how to take down a range of targets as you grab a hold of our Air Rifles – the perfect practice weapon to learn the skills of being a sniper.

When you arrive at our training camp, you’ll be equipped with all the latest safety gear whilst being presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors.

  • Air Rifle Ranges Lount, Leicestershire
  • Air Rifle Ranges Lount, Leicestershire
  • Air Rifle Ranges Lount, Leicestershire
  • Air Rifle Ranges Lount, Leicestershire


Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting


3 Very different ranges that will test your skill.

Firstly using an 8 shot FX Verminator, one of the fastest reloading air rifles on the market, fitted with a red dot sight, you have to stay focused and with no hesitation try and hit your MOVING targets, this is going to keep your trigger finger busy. Then moving straight on to using a HW100 14 shot repeater air rifle with a deadly accurate crosshair scope. The targets are wireless remote linked to a digital speed clock, which starts when the first target has been knocked down, as the clock rapidly ticks you have to stay focused on the targets, not the clock, whilst loading the gun as fast as you can. Then if all that isn't enough, how do you fancy having a go with a 10 shot smith and wesson air pistol. get your eye in and learn how to shoot on a paper target then it's on to how many hanging targets you can hit.

N.B. : Itinerary - Safety brief - learn about your bow - how to stand - how to hit the target - On range practice
Weather - Extreme weather conditions may mean that the experience becomes unsafe. If this is the case, the experience will then be rescheduled for another date.
Spectators - spectators are welcome, we also have indoor and outdoor seating with catering facilities on site
What to wear - You will need to wear appropriate clothing for the outdoor weather, a waterproof is always a good idea! the centre has nice clean walk ways around the clay shooting area. All other equipment and gear will be provided by the centre.
Restrictions - Minimum age for this activity is 12 years, Children under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Restrictions: MinAge: 12,  MinGroup: 5, 

Zombie Shoot


A completely new and unique shooting experience. Testing your skills with a variety of guns while you go up against the clock, and your group of course, to see who comes out top shooter for the day.

Part of the centre has been infected by flesh eating zombies. Upon entering the infected military camp you will be given -

Missions statements. 3 shot Pump action shotgun with fibre optic sight. 8 shot PT85 Tactical Air Pistol with red dot sight. 10 shot Smith & Wesson Revolver with open sights. 14 shot Tactical HW100 Air rifle with mill dot sniper scope.

Using this weaponry you will have to complete three game levels against the clock to protect your base camp, the more zombies you kill the more points you receive. This zombie shooting experience is sure to get that adrenalin pumping!

Restrictions: MinAge: 15,  MinGroup: 2,  MaxGroup: 24, 

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Accurate, deadly and silent when fitted with a suppressor, mastering the Sniper is highly beneficial to those who want to keep themselves out of touching distance from a horde of Zombies. With full expert tuition from our qualified instructors provided to you at our custom-built shooting ranges, you'll learn how to control your breathing and remain accurate with your shots - wasting ammunition is something that simply can't be done.

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      • Melbourne Road
      • Ashby De La Zouch
      • Lount
      • LE65 1RS

      Situated in between both Birmingham and Nottingham, our militaristic training camp in Lount provides those across the Midlands with a chance to learn the art of sniping – the most efficient way to take down Zombies from a distance. We’re easily accessible via the A42, off the M1. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.