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During the Zombie apocalypse, it’s essential that you master a gun and stick to it. If you’re yet to find your perfect weapon, let us introduce you to the Crossbow. Crossbows are an extremely stealthy way to kill Zombies as they don’t make much noise, so you’re able to take down zombies silently without attracting more Zombies or lawless bandits that are no doubt on high alert for vulnerable citizens.

When you visit our Crossbow training camp in Brandesburton, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the equipment needed to participate in the session. Upon reporting for duty, you’ll be scanned for symptoms of the Neurosal Mortis Virus. This is to stop any sort of infestation occurring in the training facility. Those found to possess any symptoms will be promptly removed from the venue and handed to Government officials.

As well as the abundant shooting opportunities, you'll have access to our centrally heated club house, conference meeting room, catering facilities and toilets.

The Course

Learn how to properly handle yourself throughout the Zombie apocalypse as you learn how to use the Crossbow at our training camp in Brandesburton. Crossbows are extremely efficient against the Zombies due to their sheer accuracy. Although slower to reload than your average bow, the Crossbow excels at hitting small objects from a distance.

Custom-built by the Government, our training camp will provide civilians of all abilities with a place to hone their skills. For the beginners, you’ll receive expert tuition from our qualified instructors – taking shots at a variety of targets as you strive to work on your accuracy. With every bit of ammunition proving vital, accuracy is something that you’ll continuously have to work on.

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Target Crossbow Shoot


Get to grips with the ancient art of crossbow shooting and experience the thrilling sensation of hitting the target. To start off you'll be given a full safety briefing and demonstration from your instructor on the day. Next, hone your skills in a practice session before taking on your friends and family, but be warned that nerves of steel and a steady hand are sure to be required if you are to claim the top spot!

Restrictions: MinAge: 10,  MinGroup: 4,  MaxGroup: 40, 

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Beloved for its silent and discrete signature, this deadly weapon is perfect for you to remain hidden in the shadows as you pick off the Zombies one-by-one unnoticed. With the added bonus of reusing and making your own ammunition, the Crossbow is an important tool to take advantage of. With full expert tuition provided to you by our qualified and experienced instructors, you'll be taught all the latest tips and tricks needed to remain alive.

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      • Catwick Lane
      • Brandesburton
      • Bewholme
      • Driffield
      • YO25 8RY

      Excellently positioned within close proximity to both Scarborough, Bridlington and Hull, our militaristic training camp in Brandesburton is perfectly situated to provide those across Yorkshire with expert crossbow tuition. We’re easily accessible via the A1035, just off the M62. Full travel information will be printed on your booking confirmation receipt.

      Maps and directions used on our website are for guide purposes only. Please use the directions supplied with your booking confirmation when making travel arrangements.